Wet Plants

Our Wet plants are suitable for all kinds of premixed concrete, able to fulfill all the operational and managerial requirements of data collection, vital for a modern construction of a production plant.

They differ by hourly production and the type of production. They can be made with the load through conveyor belts and aggregates precharge, Skip and Elevators.


The range of mobile concrete production systems in the Ready Mix series has been designed for
temporary construction sites, building companies, and for specific designs and/or suppliers of ready mixed product.

The simplicity and versatility of the Ready Mix system has been studied in every possible detail, from delivery to start-up. Positioning and start-up can be completed 24 hours.

The system is pre-assembled in modules which can be rested on the ground. These modules are made from steel and can be positioned in limited spaces within the site and minimal building work is required for positioning.

This series offers excellent value for money and allows concrete production from a minimum 20m³/h to a maximum of 60m³/h with high quality standards using planetary mixers exclusively.

TB MIX Series

The TB MIX range of concrete production systems is ideal for stationary sites, construction companies, remote production and/or suppliers of pre-mixed concrete.

The TB MIX Series allows the production of concrete with high quality standards, using double horizontal shaft mixers and/or planetary mixers.

The mixer load can vary as requested, using mobile skip or conveyor belt loader. The loading of the storage silos is carried out using horizontal and/or vertical augers. Plants are customdesigned to fit the available space.

The TB MIX series allows a range of different applications.

Depending on needs such as: ground loading systems; moveable reversible loading belts for aggregates, further cement storage; elevator feed systems, aggregate cooling systems; washing systems and water treatment and residue recovery systems.

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