Dry Systems

The range of TB DRY systems is suited to the production of dry concrete, and allows any needs of the market to be met with production volumes of up to 100 m³ per hour for each loading point.

TB DRY Series

This range is produced to high quality standards, including hot zinc-coating and pre-wired system components.

We offer various solutions for aggregate storage, depending on the type of material, the number of compartments, and the production capacity.

The removal of the aggregates is carried out using an electropneumatic system with double or triple extractors for each compartment, and measurement is carried out with homologated traction loading cells.

A wide range of accessories to meet every need is available upon request, such as moisture sensor probes (resistance or microwave) positioned in the unloading hatches, cement storage silos, weight dosage systems for additives and dust control systems at mixer truck loading points.

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