Water Treatment

During production large quantities of concrete residue is created, together with water used for washing of mixing plant and mixer trucks.
The disposal of these is a real environmental problem.
Tecno-Beton has developed two systems for the recycling of concrete residues from the washing of mixer trucks, pumps, and mixers:

♦ Residue separation system SCS: SEPARATING CONCRETE SYSTEM;

For both aggregate systems, the fine particles and the water are collected in specific tanks, allowing their separation and controlled re-use.


The RCS system allows the complete recovery of the aggregate and fine particles resulting from the washing of mixer trucks.

Every industrial activity must comply with norms which have changed the way of working compared with the past. The norms in force which govern the certification of the production process include UNI1008 and Italian Law (DLgs) 152/06.

Norm UNI 1008 establishes the rules for the use of water in the process, stating that “the maximum quantity of solids added through waste water must be less than 1% of the total weight of the aggregates”: the limit set by the law is fully respected when using the RCS system.

Italian law 152/06 sets out the rules for the protection of the earth and protection of water
from pollution and management of water resources.

Tecno-Beton has always undertaken research and development to find technical solutions which are able to efficiently separate water from cement products.

The RCS system can be applied to any existing plant for the separation of residues.


The SCS system makes the recovery of up to 3 m³ of surplus concrete possible, with potential disposal of equal to 20 m³/h concrete and fast return on investment.

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