In October 2014 the assembly division of Tecno-Beton, in partnership with an important company from Brescia, started work in Azerbaijan on the border with Armenia on the assembly of an important plant for the selection and treatment of aggregates. We have planned and programmed the complete management and coordination on-site with our technical staff, made up of 5 team leaders, to manage all work necessary to the required standard. Using local labour and specialist Italian tools, we have constructed 5 working teams, each made up of 8-10 people. The works ran to schedule and were completed in May 2015.

Once operational, the plant will have an hourly production of 1000 tonnes.

We would like to thank all personnel involved in the optimization of resources and the excellent work carried out; the final client for the faith and availability invested in us, and not least the partner companies involved in the management of the entire job.