The Company


Founded in 1983, the company has built up over 30 years of experience in the field and has an ever more consolidated position in the market. For over 20 years our technicians and testers have installed and
tested concrete mixing systems, formwork for tunnels, and asphalt production plant for the most important constructors in Italy and internationally.

Since 2000 this exceptional experience has allowed us to design and build our own concrete mixing plant using solutions which are technically advanced, personalised, and tailor made to the customer’s requirements. We can now offer our customers a 360° service which can be adapted to suit every design requirement.

Our specific know-how, together with constant communication between client and works to evaluate production needs, have allowed Tecno-Beton to develop innovative solutions with unrivalled technical abilities.

Our objectives
  • To offer efficient, reliable, high-quality products and services
  • To create custom-made plant to meet the specific needs of the client
  • To constantly improve and innovate our product range
  • To construct long lasting loyal relationships with our clients

The quality of our plant and the operational flexibility which sets our company apart allows us to create long and loyal relationships with our clients.

Research aimed at the constant improvement of our products and services ensures quality for the client and guarantees an efficient management service for the order from the very first stages of design.


 Research and development for quality products and services.
Environment and safety
Respect for the environment


The company’s constant focus on the quality of its products and services has obtained and implemented certification for the quality management system in the sector: AE 18 design, AE 17 construction, and EA 28 for installation.

These are the principles upon which we have built the entire company production process, to guarantee our customers receive certified products and services.

The application of national and international norms regarding the environment, together with constant staff training and updating, allow us to operate in complete compliance with norms which apply to workplace health and safety.

Our annual investment in research and development, staff training, environmental issues, health and safety management, and the constant updating of our plant, allow our company to meet excellent quality standards.

We always work respecting our organisational model, guaranteeing our clients full collaboration on sustainability reports.

Developing their company as a team

Tecno-Beton innovation occurs with full respect of norms, in line with quality principles which respect the environment.

Sustainable development

Respect for the environment

Safety policy

Social responsibility

Product quality

Client satisfaction