Dual Plants

The number of TB DUAL plants allow high-performance concrete and production solutions, with layout diversified productions such as double DRY, DRY + WET or WET double-position load allowing variable concrete production according to the specifications required, such as you can be produced simultaneously from a minimum of 80+80 m³/h until 130+130 m³/h and more, the load of the aggregates can be handled with standard skip with the Betonmix or with conveyor belts.

The projects are always viewed and valued by the customer different solutions employing various components based on the specific requirements.

TB DUAL Series

The DUAL range is suitable for large scale production of up to 260 m³/h of concrete with high quality standards.

The double chassis series allows independent production with two loading points and significant storage capacity.

Multiple configurations are
♦ systems for dry production DUAL DRY;
♦ systems for dry and pre-mixed production DRY+WET;
♦ systems for production of premixed DUAL WET;
♦ DUAL BETONMIX systems, fitted with double BETONMIX mixer portal with modular system to optimise layout for limited spaces.

All TECNO-BETON systems are studied and designed according to the needs of the client in terms of technical requirements, production, and the space available on site.

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