Tecno-Beton invests in technology to make its plants as simple to use as possible. To reach this objective the company has focused on automation, working with an excellent partner to develop a management system which is simple, intuitive and features attractive graphics.

The first systems to feature the new automation are the mobile models, popular in foreign markets where their simplicity of use has proved a fundamental characteristic.

Featuring 4 aggregate storage silos, the plant guarantees production of 30 m3/hour of excellent quality concrete, thanks to the 750/500 l planetary mixer, fed by skip to reduce on-site space requirements. This year the ‘small’ version will feature even more intuitive management, featuring touch-screen technology through which the whole plant can be controlled. The operator interface is extremely systematic, with the number of control buttons reduced to the minimum. Access to configuration parameters is achieved by clicking directly on a 3D view of the plant. Every operation – configuration, calibration, alarm management etc. is described using phrases translated into the language of the client and features graphics and animation. Simply connect a touch-screen printer to print cycle data, configuration parameters, and formulae. To guarantee maximal performance and durability of the plant, the system supplies the user with a list of maintenance work and relative settings provided for in the maintenance programme, taking into account the number of start-ups and the machine running time.