The TB DUAL WET+WET 6.30 dosing plant is suited for large scale production, with limited dimensions and fast start/up times, production of 120 m³/h, with storage which can hold 210-300 m³.

A wide range of accessories is available upon request, to meet every need.

TB DUAL WET+WET 6.30 C Technical features
Hourly dry production m³/h 120
Dry dose 10
Production output per vibration cycle m³/h 120
Wet dose 3,0
Max weight of aggregates used mm 50
Structure – double horizontal shaft mixer n 1+1
Mixer motor power n 2×55
Mixer supply with CONVEYOR BELT
High pressure mixer washing system n 1+1
Base structure n 15+15
Compartments with double opening n 6
Storage capacity 210 – 300
Nozzles and pneumatic cylinders n (6+6)+(6+6)
Vibration type bypass system on nozzle n 4+4
Weighing system with load cells kg 25.000
Fixed type aggregate vibration dosers n 2+2
800 mm extractor belt class 400 (4 tele 3+2) mt 6,5+6,5
800 mm inclined conveyor belt (4 tele 3+2) n 1+1
Belt capacity m³/h 360+360
Weighing system with load cells kg 2.000+2.000
Fixed type vibration system n 1+1
Loading screw 273 mm
Loading point intake system n 1+1
Two stage piston compressor n 1+1
Motor power kw 5,5+5,5
Zinc coated water doser with load cells n 1+1
Weighing system with load cells n 2+2
Automatic command electrical box n 1+1
Microwave humidity sensor n 2+2
Wattmeter slump measurement system n 1+1
Sides sp 5+4
Nozzles and pneumatic cylinders sp 5
Dosers sp 4
TENSION V 380/400 Hz 50
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