Optimal restoration

We supply the client with an efficient, high quality service featuring a preliminary analysis to evaluate the cost efficiency and analyse every individual opportunity for revamping.

General restoration work on concrete production plants, through preliminary analysis, allows our clients to reposition and re-use its own structures and components while updating them to comply with relevant norms. We look at every aspect: structural, mechanical and electrical/electronic–a complete service.




The most efficient method of restoring the efficiency of your old plant



We supply the client with an efficient, quality service starting with a preliminary analysis in order to calculate the economic factors and evaluate every opportunity for revamping.


General restoration work on concrete production plants is evaluated through a preliminary study which allows our clients to requalify, reposition, re-use or integrate existing structures and components.


The proposal includes assembly and after-sales assistance. Furthermore, our spare-parts service includes all plant components, guaranteeing fast delivery of all spares.

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