Spare parts service

The complete service includes a stock of plant accessories. Our spare parts service features all plant components, which can be shipped promptly.

Requests are managed daily and shipping methods are agreed with the client so that fast delivery can be arranged if required.

The warehouse has hundreds of commonly used parts immediately available: if the required part is not present because it is particularly unusual or because of the age of the plant, we will find it or substitute the part with a suitable alternative of equal performance.

Guaranteed assistance

One of the strengths of our organisation is our attention to client assistance. Supplying precise and fast replies to enquiries is one of our primary objectives.

The assistance we offer is based upon competent qualified personnel who are able to offer precise and fast solutions to problems which the client may have. As necessary, work at the clients’ premises is carried out by experienced technicians.

Both the assembly of a new plant and subsequent work are carried out with the professionalism that the client expects.

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