Tailor-made Solutions


The quality of products and services, constant improvement of production technologies, and attention to regulations makes us competitive and ensures Clients to Collaborate with a reliable company, attentive to the needs of its customers, competent in the field, and compliant with national and international environmental and work safety regulations.

Our services

With a view to customer satisfaction, Tecno-Beton offers a comprehensive service, our workforce composed of skilled technicians with decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to completely manage the construction site, from the early stages of assembly to post-start-up technical assistance.


Bring your old plant back into full operation.

Through a preliminary analysis, we assess the cost-effectiveness to verify in each individual revamping opportunity, to put in place the appropriate general renovations on concrete batching plants that allows them to reposition and reuse their structures and components.

Our spare parts service is stocked with all the components needed for the system, ensuring that parts are shipped quickly for efficient service.

Spare parts

Our spare parts service is stocked with all the components needed for the plant, ensuring that components are shipped in a short time.

Requests are handled on a same-day basis, and shipping arrangements are made with the customer to resolve any urgent needs.

Hundreds of commonly used items are readily available in the warehouse: if the required component is not available due to the particularity of the component or the age of the system, we take action to find it or replace it with interchangeable component of the same performance.


One of the strengths of our organization is our focus on customer service. Quick and accurate response to the questions we are asked is one of our primary goals.

The assistance we offer is based on qualified and knowledgeable staff who can give accurate and quick answers to the problems that are submitted.
Both the installation phase of a new system and a subsequent intervention can thus be carried out with the professionalism that the customer expects.

Innovative Solutions

Choosing a Tecno-Beton plant is a guarantee that will last over time. Own production and a highly qualified staff offers more than a product, but a certainty of reliability, competence, seriousness in the service of our customers.