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Experienced technicians and an always-available spare parts warehouse are the best security for your facilities.

Service standard plant spare parts

Our spare parts service is equipped with the necessary components for the plant

Organization and method for comprehensive and effective service

Service used spare parts

Our spare parts service is stocked with all the components needed for the plant, ensuring the shipment of components in a short time.Requests are handled on a same-day basis, and shipping arrangements are made with the customer to solve any urgent needs.

BAIONI bar mill mod. GTB 2000 A

Size 2000×3840

Max feed size 50 mm

Max production 50 Tons/h

Max production 50-90 Tons/h

MEM mill mod. 6RV

Mouth size 300×800

Max feed size 180 mm

OMT Granulator Crusher mod. FG 100

Loading mouth 1015×320 mm

Feeding 30-250 mm

Production 23-60 Tons/h

L&P crusher mod. CR 750

Loading mouth 770×550 mm

Production 55-150 tons/h

Primary mill impeller assembly L&P mod. PRM1

CONTINENTAL NORD secondary impact mill mod. FUS 0807

Dim. Mouth 730×400

Size max. 120 mm

Production 15-30 tons/h

Engine Kw 75

Guaranteed assistance

The assistance we offer is based on qualified and knowledgeable staff who can give accurate and quick answers to the problems that are submitted.

Where intervention at the Customer’s site is necessary, we have selected and experienced technicians are employed.

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