Cement Mixes Plants

The Tecno-Beton plants for the preparation of road foundations offer different time production solutions with a focus on efficiency and structural details in order to maximize the yield of each production phase.

The plants of this type have productions that start at 100 m³/h up to 400 m³/h.

You can pack cold with various mixtures of virgin aggregates, milled materials and binders. As binders may be used cements and / or bitumen emulsions provided on site with special tanks.

How recycled materials can be used, while fully respecting the environment, milled and all those materials recoverable from existing road pavements. The management of the system is fully automated through a terminal installed in the control panel.

TB MC Series

The range of TB MC systems is suitable for the continuous production of cement mixes and concrete with low cement content, with production volumes of up to 400 tonnes/hour for the construction of road bases, airport runways, and concrete bases.

These systems can use both traditional aggregates as well as recycled ground materials which include bitumen binders.

The number and capacity of aggregate storage hoppers vary according to the production requirements and are constructed with hard wearing linings for each extraction cone with vibration bypass for each extractor cone.

The series of bi shaft continuous mixers ensure constant production with limited energy consumption. The interchangeable hardwearing linings and the heathardened steel blades allow easy maintenance and guarantee limited wear.

The precision dosers for aggregate, cement and water use both volume and weight in the highest performance version in the range. The complete system made up of volumetric dosage belts, rotating dosage valves, loading cells and belt weighing system is entirely controlled by motors with inverters which allow automatic management of percentages of the component parts to obtain the required product quality.

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